About baby massage

In the womb the baby feels when their mom touch them through her belly. It gives them a protected and secured feeling. Outside the womb closeness of their mother also gives the baby these feelings.  Massage is based on touch which helps  produce oxytocin and has a stress and pain reducing effect .

Baby massage is a beautiful bonding journey, which gives benefits to the mother and to the baby as well. It is a relaxing intimate activity, where there is only the here and now, the mother and their child. During massage they only focus on each other. 

During this journey the mother can better observe their baby's needs and cues. It helps to develop their communication with each other. Thus  is helps to build a deeper and stronger bonding. 

Massage is one of the oldest and natural form of medical care. Those babies who are regularly massaged are more balanced, sleep better, cry less. Baby massage stimulates the organs, thereby helps the Lymphatic, Circulatory, Respiratory, Digestive and Nervous systems function. It helps to relieve the muscular pain. Gives relief for babies who are suffering from colic, gas, or even constipation, and helps overcome the discomfort caused by teething.