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Is there a minimum number of participants for the group course?

Not really. If only one person signs up for it, the course will still go ahead as a group course.

What qualification do you have?

I am a fully qualified baby massage instructor accredited through Gateway Workshop.

What happen if I missed a class?

At the beginning of session, we repeat everything what we've learned so far, but if you miss more than one class, you can join for free to the next group. Unfortunately I can't give any refund.

What type of oil should I use?

I recommend 100% organic vegetable oil (f.e.: coconut, sunflower, or olive oil). Avoid any essential, mineral or nuts oils.

You can read more information about this topic on my instragam/ fb page.

What happen if my baby is crying during massage?

Don't worry if your baby is crying during massage. I recommend that if they are crying stop the massage, and try to identify what your baby's need. Maybe they're hungry, have dirty nappy, sleepy, or just need cuddling.